New Additions To Our Family

Nope, nope, nope I am definitely not pregnant (although at times I wish I am, yet at times I am afraid). The big bags, the wailing baby, the big bulky bag, milk powder, diapers, the cost of raising another human being, etc…. if you get what I mean.

Anyway back to the topic. I guess it is a kids’ things to love to have pets. There are times, which I had wished to do an impulse buy for them but have been rejected by my hubby because:

  1. I am not a pets person. This will mean my hubby will have to do the training, clean-up and others either with the boys or by himself.
  2. He thought a pet’s life is quite a miserable one, waiting for the return of their owner the whole day long. So he feels we will be doing more harm instead especially if we do not have time to walk the dog or what-so-ever.
  3. and of course the Vet’s fees.

So the pets that have not passed the list are actually the puppy, kitten and a bunny.

However last week he finally relented and that is how we have Sissy & Rory (my boys name them since it is their baby).

Bed room to them is a nice pinkish tank (chosen by Clemens)

And here are all their cutesy pictures and look at those beautiful shells and them basking in the sun.

Care for them now is:

  1. Some food pellets, fresh greens and the occasional pieces of apples.
  2. Change of water every alternate days.
  3. The boys reading books to them.
Well for now, I hope Sissy & Rory will be able to teach them love, care and concern.

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