The Night Safari

The 1st Time My Boys Visited the Night Safari (More than a year ago)

This is another place that we have been to several times already. All thanks to my previous company who most of the time host their dinner events here at the Ulu Ulu Court: A sumptuous spread of international buffet and a private tram (to take us around the Night Safari) which do not require us to Q-up.

After a year of not visiting this place, my boys were totally excited when my dad gave us the tickets from his Organization’s Family Day. For myself I am not a keen goer to The Night Safari as I prefer the Day Zoo alot much more. Each time I got onto the tram and they start dimming the lights (so as not to alert the animals) to make their round and with the cool breeze, I only felt my eye lids go heavier.

Anyway as I have mentioned since the past 6 times I have visited to the Night Safari with my boys, it was always with the company’s privilege of having a private tram so we do not need to Q-up. Therefore this is the 1st time I visited the Safari as a normal visitor. I never knew that we have so many interested visitors visiting the place and hence the massive Q. We entered the place 7pm and started Q-ing for the Creatures of the Night Show which starts at 7.30pm. This is a show which my boys have enjoyed as they can see how smart those Asian Small-Clawed Otters are, demonstrating the simple feat of the 3Rs; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Of course there are some other more acts that makes the audience clap with joy and from being impressed.

By the time the show ended, it was already 8pm plus and we proceeded to Q for the tram ride. The Q was a like a massive human chain and by the time we boarded the tram it was already 9pm. The ride was a slow one as we stoped at ever animal we saw and the guide on the tram will explain what the characteristic, habits, etc of the animals are. These are the time when my boys will ask endless questions and going woooo……… arrrrrr……….. mummy look at this, mummy look at that! by the time the ride is done, it is already 10pm.

Q-ing For The Tram Ride

All Ready For The Ride

By now I am no longer very interested in going for the Trail Walks but being outnumbered by my boys, I am always dragged to walk the trails against my wishes.

I guess because I felt a lot of time was spent on Q-ing, I do not think I am very willing to pay for the ticket of $32 per adult to visit the night safari.

Yet again, kids being kids always full of curiosity for the animal kingdom and energy, this is a good place for them to expand their energy and be exhausted.


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