Missing Toowoomba

6 years ago, I had the privileged of being a full time mum (for 2 years) with my boys when my hubby was posted to Australia, Queensland on a work stint. 4 years from now, I am still missing the times when my time totally belong to my boys.

Especially this time of the year when they have the Carnival of Flowers (always held at the 3rd week of September).

The flowers are in full bloom and there is a parade (like a mini Singapore Chingay) . There are also Chronicle Garden Competitions where households compete to have the most beautiful gardens. The winners will have a open house where we can go admire the gardens. One of my boys favourite because there are some owners who bakes delicious cookies and my boys love those cookies while admiring the beautiful gardens. As for me, I am always in awe and respect for these people with green fingers because we all know it takes a load of hard work.

Thinking and beaming as I am writing this entry, I wonder if I will ever have a chance to go on an oversea posting with my hubby again.

Enjoy the photos of 2007 and 2008. 🙂

The Parade


Hubby With His Colleague

I Love The Pink Ice-Ceam Van


Chronicle Garden Competitions

The Front Of The Wining House

The Back of The Winning House

Us together With The Owner of The House

P.S: So for those who are still hanging up at Toowoomba, you can always join the carnival. To know more, click here.


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