Sweet Corn & Burdock Soup

This is a long overdue post since my entry written for “Eating-In, Eating Out“. I had promised to share what I had done to the chicken bones which my freezer apparently does not have enough space for. So this was what happen to it.

I used it to brew soup.

Sweet Corn & Burdock Soup

My family is a family that absolutely adores soup especially my Damir. More than often not he will be glad to have soup and rice for his 3 square meals. And this 1st recipe for soup that I am sharing, is on my family top-chart list.

Nutritional Fact

As far as I know from what my mum told me, the corn soup is really good in helping to minimize the risk of getting urinary tract infection and in the recent years she has also told me not to throw away the “husk” of the corn (if you are buying those still wrapped in the leaves). She says it is good for diabetics. I am not very sure about it but of course there is no harm to add it in but of course you have to wash it thoroughly. Aside from these, you can read more about the health benefits of the sweet corn from here.

The burdock root itself in the recent years has also become a mega health food which is said to help reduce blood sugar and benefit both the pancreas and liver; and to nourish and strengthen the actions of the kidneys and urinary organs.

The red dates are good for blood circulation and the carrots no doubts, we all know it is packed with vitamin goodness and a wide variety of antioxidants and other health-supporting nutrients.

To get on, here is What Is Needed:


  • 2.5L of water
  • 500g Chicken Bones (Blanched in hot boiling water to remove blood from the bones)
  • 2 Cob of Corn (Remove leaves, wash the husk and cut to medium size pieces)
  • 2 Medium Size Carrots (cut to Pieces)
  • 300g Fresh Burdock Root (I used the Japanese species)
  • 6 – 8 pcs Red Dates (De-seeded)

Method (With Step-By-Step Photos)

  1. Bring the 2.5L of water to a boil.
  2. Add the blanched chicken bones and bring to a boil.
  3. After a while you can see the debris floating on top of the chicken bones stock. Skim away the debris with the ladle. This ensure that you will get  a clear soup.
  4. Add in the carrots, corn, corn husk and red dates except for the burdock root. Bring to a boil then lower the fire, cover and simmer for 2hours.
  5. Skin and cut the burdock to pieces. Do it only when you are ready to cook it in the soup so as to prevent the burdock from oxidising.
  6. Add in the burdock roots and simmer for another 30 minutes to 1 hour. My mum told me, this is to make sure that the burdock is not over cooked and goes all mushy. Cook it 30minutes to 1 hour before you want to drink the soup so that the crunchiness of the burdock is retained.
  7. Add some salt to you personal preferred taste. Serve hot. Usually I only add a little to enhance the flavour because the soup is already very sweet and tasty on it’s own.

This soup has a nice sweet (due to the carrots and of course sweet corn) and refreshing (due to the burdock root) taste. Give me a bowl of white steam rice with the soup, it can just be a really satisfying meal on its own for me. 🙂

Try this nutritious and tasty clear soup and feel free to drop me a note if you think I have not been clear in my explanation.


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    • Thank you very much for your compliment. It means a lot to me and helps motivate me to carry on writing. 🙂 I will try my very best to keep this going, but there are also days when it is hard for me to write. 🙂

      Once again thank you very much and please do keep coming back. 🙂

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