Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Tonight is the Mid-Autumn Festival and the moon is as round as can be. So what does this mean to the kids?

It means:

Beautifully Lit Lanterns

My kids were excited too and has been bugging us to take them to the park tonight. Thinking back about our childhood of carrying lanterns, lighting candles and getting wax all over the floor, we decided the kids of course should not miss out on all the fun.

So here we are, my hubby getting all busy.

Hub Prepared a Lantern For Me Too

And us finding a nice spot to get wax all over the ground (fun but seriously not a very nice thing to do)

The Boys Having Fun With The Candles

See The Waxy Mess

Then a really pretty little friend came along.

Damir's Classmate: Kathleen

They had fun running around and she was really sweet to share her sparkles with the boys.

Kids Having Fun

Boys Having Fun with Sparkles Thanks to Kathleen

Most importantly of all, what is Mid-Autumn Festival without my favourite snowskin mooncakes by Raffles Hotel (I swear by it and I only eat their snow-skin moon cakes 🙂 )

Raffles Hotel c at Raffles Hotel, North Bridge Entrance. Opens daily from Thursday 28 July to Monday 12 September 2011, 9am to 8.30pm.

Every bite into the fragrant snow-skin with the creamy white lotus paste is a heavenly melt-in-your-mouth and the centre filling never fails to give a wholesome feel and taste to the tongue. By the time it goes down your throat, it is a wooo and arrrr…….. sensation and you just can’t get enough of it. Yuuummmm. (But it is already too late get it this year. So try it next year then if you have not)

White Pearl Snow-Skin Skin => Champagne Truffles & Ganache (My Hub’s Favourite)

Yellow Snow-Skin => Raffles Cognac Truffle & Ganache (My Favourite due to the bitter sweet chocolate)

Green Snow-Skin => Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl (The Boys’ Favourite due to those little pearls going crunch, crunch, crunch 🙂 )

Brown Snow-Skin => Hazel-Choco (Least Favourite due to the nuts and the chocolate in the centre being a tad too sweet)

P.S: But no matter, I will still get it from them next year and hopefully they will still be making the popping candy edition (from last year, there ain’t any this year :() which the boys love so much. They were really a little disappointed this year.


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