A Childhood Favourite To Be Shared With My Boys

A little embarrassed to share but last month I was given a pair of movie tickets by my organization due to a colleague recommending and recognizing me as a good team player.

So what to do with these tickets?

Of course it is to bring my boys for a movie (We are super duper movie lovers). Despite the rather unkind and negative critics, I have decided to put The Smurfs on my must see lists. The 3-apples tall, blue skin, happy creatures have been my favourite since I was a little girl. And being a little girl like I said, my favourite Smurf was of course the Smurfette (the only female smurf in the smurf-clan).

As for my boys, they were really eager to catch this movie especially they heard that it is mummy’s favourite cartoon. Upon hearing they went, “huh…. wow…… mum…….. you love cartoons too!! That is totally cool!” I was of course beaming. I didn’t know that I can be cool in my kids eyes as long as I love cartoon. 🙂

My Boys All Excited

My hubby, I had to convince him a little as he has already deem that watching this is a total waste.

Anyway whatever, I am not a very good reviewer. But from the bottom of my heart, I will rate it as a rather good movie because I can hear laughter in the cinemas. Laughter of both children and adults and what can 1 ask for more than that. The director was successful in making people laugh including my hubby.

Even after days after the movie, my kids were still talking in Smurf language going, “Mama, the food is smurfilicious!” If you get what I mean and even my hubby was infected and he goes, “Dear, It is time for a smurf-hugzand and……….. all my 3 boys were singing the so-called irritating Sing A Happy Song the moment they wake up and nearly all day long. How could a movie that infect people with so much laughter and joy be a bad movie?

No matter, I was glad I got to share my favourite cartoon with my boys. So for those who are looking for a good laugh or rekindle with that childhood memories of yours or still a child at heart like me, you can give this movie a try.

And before I end my entry for tonight, here is The Smurf homepage where you can get to know the other Smurfs as they are named by their personality and my boys favourite smurf is Clumsy in the movie. 🙂

Enjoy the Movie Trailer:


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