Beyond My Wildest Imagination


This week Monday morning, my boys did something really none of us in the family can imagine. Before I get to the main story, this has always been our child-care arrangement; before I leave house for work, my mum will be already over at my house to look after the boys.

So everything went on as usual just that when my boys are still in dream land at 8am in their bed, my mum thought she could steal a few moment away to do some marketing at the NTUC downstairs directly under our flat. I mean it is not the first time I left the kids alone at home for a few moments too just to grab something.

The scene that happen next seems to be just right out of a TV script directed by my bigger boy. It seems as if  it is something that he has been ‘plotting’ for quite sometime.

After the short marketing, my mum did not really sense that my boys are already gone out of the house because, the main gate was locked just the way it was, the boys’ bed room door was close the way it was. Luckily my mum always has the habit to check on the boys to see if they are already awake. But this Monday morning, she was welcomed with a shock that both the beds were empty. For a moment, she thought they were playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with her. She called and yelled for them, checked under the bed, the toilets, wardrobes and I believe every possible nook and cranny in the house. That was when she realized the boys are GONE!

Thank god it was the polling day holiday and both my sisters were at home. Hence when my mum called home to enlist some help to look for the boys, she also at the same time sign a heave of relief when my sisters said that my boys are already over at her house. * phew…..*

Thank God too that I chose to stay near my mum say about 1 to 2 blocks away. And thank god that he was watching over them when they had to cross a little road junction.

The boys were of course afraid to let me know and of course “beg” their sweet grandma not to let me know but my mum did let me know though she too pleaded on their behalf for me to talk nicely with them. So with a bit of mind games, they finally self-confessed and this was what came out (just like I mentioned “a script out of some TV dramas”):

  1. Clemens woke up to find the house empty.
  2. He woke Damir up  and told him, “Let’s go to grandma house now”.
  3. Damir fresh from his sleep just listened to whatever his brother said.
  4. While Damir was still rubbing his eyes, Clemens was already packing a box of legos for themselves to play at grandma’s place.
  5. Still in pajamas, the brothers set off with the house keys, carefully closing the door and locking the gate.
  6. When they got to the ground floor lift landing, Clemens had 1 hand holding onto his lego and the other hand holding on to his little brother’s hand before they look left and right and cross the road.
  7. Upon arriving at my mum’s block, because they were too short to press the button on the lift to my mum’s level, they actually enlisted help from a neighbour passing by.

And there, that is the story of my RUN-AWAY boys!

I seriously cannot imagine all these happen within a span of 20 minutes.

Well if you were to ask me, yes for a moment I was worried. After that I was actually more of amaze and a little proud of the boys. All these only shows how observant they have been all these while to know that they have to lock the door before they go out. It also portrays a lot on their brotherly relationship, like how the older brother will never leave the younger brother in the lurch and how the younger brother will always look up to the elder brother. And with that, I know I can always count on Clemens to look after his younger siblings.

When I told my hubby that night in bed, he was only beaming with pride and said , “Just like Daddy!” That was when I knew, my hubby at the age of 6, did not wait for his grandma to pick him up from school. So he just took off by himself, cross a major road and plodded all the way home. I guess the blood of independence runs in our veins.

I have since had a heart to heart talk with the boys, letting them know what is the spare keys use for and other stuffs. Judging from his level of maturity, I believe Clemens will know what to do.

Have I mentioned that my boys are only 6 and 4 years old respectively?


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