Play Dates Without the Dates

Since our last play date, the boys have been looking forward to have another session with my friend’s niece. Hence an arrangement was made together with another friend’s sister. The kids are all about the same age.

However on the day itself, my friends decided to jump the bill with one being ill and the other running an errand. Haiz……. :(.  But as a promise was already made to the boys, we decided to proceed on with the usual.Hence the boys’ date ended up being with mummy.

It was off to Fidgets!

200 Turf Club Road, #04-05, Turf City, Singapore 287994, Tel: +65 6469 5069

This is one place that my boys certainly enjoy and will always ask to come.

See them enjoying themselves:

This placed has claimed to be the Singapore’s largest indoor play ground for children from 0 – 10 years old. This I am not very sure because it is the only one I have been too so far. This is because it is definitely the only one with unlimited play time on weekends for S$15.00 per kid- 2 – 10 years old (I have checked online for Go Go Bambi and Polliwogs- they all have limited playtime on weekends).

It is not situated in an exactly nice corner at Turf Club City. The building seems deserted with old escalators, lift and I will even say it is quite hard to find. Despite being there a few times, I still at times need to ask around (I guess I am a very bad case of a direction nerd). But once you enter the main enterence to Fidgets, it is guaranteed a Children’s Heaven. More than often, I will arrive around 1pm and my boys will never have any qualms about playing till 6pm unless mummy says it is time to go.

I have noticed that it is rather parents and toddlers friendly too. They have a small wi-fi cafeteria (albiet the food being slighly more pricy and not very much to my liking) and a Little Fidgets Corner for toddlers less than 2 years old. So this means daddy will never grumble again as long as the lappy is with him :). My boys will of cause go to the big kids corner have immense n the heaven.

Toddlers & Parents Friendly Place

The Big Kids Play Area

Anyway we are glad the boys enjoyed themselves and went home all tired.

Michelle there……….. don’t miss the next date again alright? If we ever arrange another 1.


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