An Evening Of Just Us Only

Some months ago, I was pleasantly surprised by hubby when he presented me with these:

Yup!!! The Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour Concert !

For those who are not familiar him, in summary, he is a Hong Kong singer-song writer and actor. The Chinese language media refers him together with 3 other singers as the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) and he (Jacky Cheung) is also nicknamed as the “God of Songs”.

Anyway I grew up listening to his songs and love most of his songs especially his earlier works. So how can I not be excited when my Hubby bought the tickets for just the 2 of us without the kids to the Heavenly King of Songs’ Concert. It is also a rare chance that I get to go out on a date with my hubby. 🙂

Yesterday was the day, and I was really on holiday mood with the heart no longer at the workplace so I guess I just spent the entire day dreaming away till my hubby came to pick me up at 5.30pm.

Since he had already bought the tickets, I thought I will treat him for dinner and since it is only the 2 of us, I picked a classic and contemporary French bistro Cuisine  Restuarant at Le Bristot.

2 Stadium Walk, #01-03, Singapore Indoor Stadium, Tel: +65 6447 0018

I thought the menu was rather affordable with an Entree, a Main and a Desert for S$60.00 per pax and it seems that the review was really good too. Most importantly, it was near where the concert will be held so we will not need to be rushing.

I love how place was decorated with a very cozy feel. The service is good and fast. The food was delicious too with a good size portion. Thank God that my hubby had the foresight to order 2 sets of dinner with only a dessert to share.

For his entree, my hubby had the chargrilled Hokkaido scallops with corn sauce and toasted pinenuts which was simply heavenly that I kind of regretted my choice of the in-house specials – foie gras terraine with sweet wine. Not that it was not nice but just that the foie gras was a little too much that after a while, my tummy kind of got a little sick. If I can choose again, I will definitely have opted for the onion soup.

For the mains my hubby had the steak frites and upgraded to the 400g Black Angus Striploin which was kind of humongous but still he managed to finish it up because it was perfectly cooked to the way he like it (but by then he was already full to the throat). I had the braised Wagyu cheeks which melts in the mouth and was delicious but when I saw the other table’s salmon, I wished I had ordered that instead. Fickle minded arn’t I?

I absolutely adore our dessert which was a lemon tart and vanilla bean ice-cream. It is like a comfort food. So lemony (lemon tart) and cold (Ice-cream) after all the heavier food earlier on. It was soothing to the palette.

And while waiting, we managed to take a few snapshots:

Overall the dinner was great with the perfect companion, who decided to pick up the tab of S$200.00 (as we had other add-ons like 2 glasses of red wine, etc). Thanks Hubby!

And then it is time for concert. On the way we met a long time friend who was also there for the concert.

Thanks Irene, for this 2 beautiful pictures

The stadium was quickly filled up (how not to when all his 5-night concerts in Singapore were all sold out).

And when the show started at 8.30pm sharp, it really started with a BANG, a grand entrance of him doing a short skit all solo. Following the next hour, it was musical-like with Jacky singing and acting all according to the story line. This I believe is unique and one of it’s kind in the world of concert. The whole performance was truly stunning, mind blowing and all fired up by this legendary figure. The visuals were great, the songs needless to say was powerful with lots of emotions and feeling being injected into the atmosphere. The dances were well-choreographed and the costumes stunning and eye-catching.

Even before the concert, my hubby and I were discussing who is going to be celebrity guest appearance. Why celebrity guest appearance? It is because in most concerts, no one will be able to sing for 3-hour straight plus doing a series of dances. It is like running and singing at the same time (you will be out of breathe) if you get what I mean. Hence celebrity guests are often invited to perform a song or two so that the main lead can get a short rest.

We were seriously awed to find that there is no special guest except for him to pay tribute to a late star comedian Lydia Sum. How could anyone sing almost continuously for 3 solid hour non-stop without even the slightest waver of the vocal cords with a series of energy-zapping dances in almost every song?

Throughout the night, all we heard in his vocals were his passion for singing. His love for what he was doing. Just as how he named his concert tour, “Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century Tour Concert”, which is to commemorate his 50th Birthday. I will never be able to guess that he is 50 with his level of stamina and energy. He is truly a legend for being the Song of Gods. For this I have to agree with Wahbiang (a blog I happen to chance upon while writing this entry) that Jacky Cheung has outclassed all the current princes + princesses of pop!

What truly touched me and really respected him is his unwavering passion for the stage. He told the audiences that though this tour is to commemorate him being 50, he wishes to sing on for his fans till the day he can no longer do it.

His encore was equally amazing with him delivering 10 over classic hits where the audiences all sang along.

Some Shots Which I Managed to Capture

I understand that my camera or my photography skills are not doing any justice to this awesome concert and my idol but that is the best I could capture. Hubby time to change a new camera………………..

As I cannot find a preview of the concert in Singapore, I am going to share one from youtube that shows a sneak of his Hong Kong Concert. Enjoy!

Overall it was really quite an experience and if not for the auntie in front of me, I will have enjoyed the concert even more.

Thanks and hugzzzzzs to my hubby for giving me such an unforgettable date and of course to my mummy who was looking after my boys all these while, while I was out enjoying myself. 🙂

A Truly Unforgettable & AWEsome Night !


P.S: For those the Singaporean friends who have missed the Singapore Concert, I guess you can still catch up for the 9, 10 & 11 of December performance at Malaysia-Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.


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2 thoughts on “An Evening Of Just Us Only

    • Yes it was an indeed an awesome concert. I waited 5 months as my hubby bought the tickets once it was open of sale on February. 🙂 I love your picture. They are really clear. So Envy. 🙂

      By the way, this is my 1st concert too. 🙂

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