The Struggles of Busting the Calories Again

It is such a sad thing that I am always in a constant struggle with my weight issue. Because I love my food so much, my hubby is also concern with my health.

Therefore this year at March, I vowed to myself that I am going to live a healthier lifestyle and I did pretty well all the way to July losing 7 kilos (70kg to 63kg at a mere height of 152cm) au natural without the help of any pills or medications and no starvation mode.

The DOs (√) from Mar to Jul

This was my routine 2 months ago:

  1. Do drink plenty of water. I drank between 8 to 10 glasses of water).
  2. Have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mix with a glass of water before lunch and dinner.
  3. Have a glass of green or white tea after every meal.
  4. Reduce on sugar intake, carbohydrates and up more fibers.
  5. 1st Thing in the Morning: Have a teaspoon of honey mixed with room temperature and 2 cubes of frozen green lemon juice. I believe this helps to cleanse the body system and honey gives you the energy at least all the way to your work place.
  6. Breakfast: 1/2 bowl pf low GI cereal with 1 glass of skim milk at 9am and a banana at 10.30am
  7. Lunch: Mainly anything soupy with heaps of greens and a reduced portion of carbohydrates. I will pay extra 50cents for an extra helping of greens
  8. Snack @ 3.30pm: An apple or kiwi with a teaspoon of honey. Honey helps satisfy my sugar craving.
  9. Dinner: A bowl of vegetable soup with lots some protein and lots of vegetables (All thanks to my mummy)
  10. Before bed time: I will take a teaspoon of honey again before I sleep as it is said to help work your liver out when you are sleeping.
  11. Excerise: I seriously do not have much time. Hence instead of jostling for escalators at the train stations, I take the stairs. Instead of getting a seat, I stand my way. I try to move as much as possible like choosing a further away lunch place so that I can get to walk briskly to the place and back again. It is only in late July that I decided to incorporate 1 hour of leisurely swim every Sunday while my boys are having their lessons.

Anyway because results were showing, I got conceited and I started to lose track of everything.I have not been reducing my weight as stated in my goals for the last month. Although it kind of fluctuates up and there and 60% of the time showing that I am maintening, you know it when you get the naggy feeling in you that you are to over tip the scale again. It is not a nice feeling at all.

The Don’ts (X) from Jul to Aug 

  1. I stop drinking as much water as I should have (only 4 glasses now).
  2. I overindulged in my favourite hot chocolate, almond milk and carbohydrates.
  3. I stop eating fruits on a daily basis. I will like chicken pie more than apple at snack time now.
  4. I indulged in peanut butter biscuits on  a daily basis.
  5. and many more……

Anyway I hate myself so much now especially when I finish 1 pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice-cream within 2 days all by myself. People who love peanut butter as much as I do, should now how addictive this is.

Therefore after feeling unhappy over my weight issues for the entire month, I thought I will add on something else tonight. I finally put these on after 4 years at 10pm tonight:

Running Shoes My Hubby Gave Me

Went down to the mini park below my house and:

  • Slow jog 1.2km.
  • Brisk walk 800m.
  • Did a few moments on the cross trainer machine till my thighs are sore.

I know it is not much but I thought good enough for a start. I just hoped I will be able to keep to my appointment with this pair of shoes this Friday at 6am.

Now on the scale, It is shown I am about 63.2kg now. I nope my discipline does not waver again with this entry.


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2 thoughts on “The Struggles of Busting the Calories Again

  1. Hi Ange, Just want to tell you I understand and I totally get you! The woes of food and dieting. The lure of delicious snacks beckons all day for me. My latest craze is bubble tea.

    But you know you can do it.


    • OMG Bubble Tea. I have been avoiding them especially the ones from Koi. kekekekek 🙂 But makes no difference as I have been downing cups of hot chocolate. kekekekekke Let’s Work hard together!


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