Project With Clemens: Asparagus (Spear Head) Wrapped in Bacon

Last time round it is with Damir, this time it is with Clemens. I want to PROTEST! Why are school projects always done WITH Mummy and NOT Daddy?

Alrighty, I won’t since I had fun doing up his favourite dish together with him – Spear Head Wrapped in Bacon.

Even my hubby is beaming and salivating with approval and feels that school should give more of these projects (but with dad of course) 🙂

Looks good doesn’t it? It is really so simple with no seasoning that even my Chef-In-The-Making can roll all of these up with minimal supervision.

Let’s look at my Chef Junior Lee! I am the Sous Chef this time round.

Chef-In-The Making

 Now back to serious business, as I have mentioned that this is super duper easy to make with no seasoning needed except for the oil splattering out due to to the bacon, all you need for the ingredients in only these:

  • Asparagus (washed, rinsed & drained dry)
  • Back Bacon
  • Some butter (to pan fry the wrapped product)

* Notice I did not state how much asparagus or bacon is needed because it is really up to you. For instance 6 stalks of asparagus can be wrapped in 6 pieces of bacon. It really is up to you. 

Method (With Step-By-Step Photos)

  1. Chopped off the ends of the asparagus.
  2. Skin the outer peel of the asparagus. This is so that cooking time is shorten, the flavour of the bacon will be absorb in to the asparagus, you don’t need to boil the asparagus first and you don’t get a mouth full of fibre.
  3. Cut the asparagus in to half. This is because I want to make eating it easier for my kids by shortening it.
  4. Place the half-stalk of asparagus on a slice of bacon.
  5. Roll up the asparagus tight. This helps to prevents the bacon from coming off while it is being cooked.
  6. Heat up the wok with some butter and oil. Because butter browns really fast, the oil kind off acts as a protective layer over it.
  7. Place the asparagus wrapped in bacon into the wok, slowly turning it when the bottom is slightly charred and crispy.
  8. Final product will be as photo no. 8. All slightly charred and crispy, asparagus cooked to a just nice crunchiness  with the full nutty flavour released and a hint of saltiness from the bacon.

* Now you understand why I said no seasoning is needed? Because all it needs is the smoky salty flavour of the bacon. Well-Balanced.

Despite some of my grumbles, I have to say cooking or baking with my boys is a form of pure bliss. Watching them eat their own creation and nodding their head with approval and asking for more because it is yum-worthy makes my day through out that even washing up is no longer tedious. 🙂

My Pure Bliss: A Mother & Son Bond


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