Play Dates @ Singapore Art Museum

As in my previous entry 2 weeks ago, I have mentioned that I will like to visit the Singapore Art Museum with my kids and I did this time with a play date for my boys – My bestie’s niece. A very adorable 4 year old girl.

Right now at the Art Museum they are having this exhibition known as the Art Garden (Interactive Contemporary Art for Children). All you need to do is pay S$5.00 per person and admission for children below six is free. Just S$5.00 for the unlimited fun, it is not everyday you have something like that. So hurry down before the 30th August 2011. You still have 1 more week before this exhibition closes.

Because of the saying “A Picture Tells a Thousand Words” or rather because I am so lazy to write, I think I am going to overload this entry with photos again.  But for more information, you can always download the brochure here.

Please enjoy!

With Walter, a curious colossal bunny


What Are They Collecting?

Collecting Wood to Drop a Picture

Now You See It,

Now You Don't......

Spot the Solar Bunny Among The Solar Flowers

 These are all paper fruits an you can see that initially the kids are really excited but after awhile, it is only my hubby doing it till my bestie decided to join him. But alas………. still there was not an end product. Haiz…….

Waiting to Attend the 1HR workshop

Coffee Break While Waiting for the Kids

After the coffee break, it was a wrap up at the museum, with the kids watching a set of animations and doing some artsy fartsy stuff.

It was a truly a day for the kids and now we are already planning out our next play dates. 🙂


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