Organic Beauty Product: Juice Beauty

My Favourite Skin Care for Now

I have been using Juice Beauty for coming 2 months now and I am seriously loving it! I have never heard about this product before till they were having a promotion at Takashimaya. I have to say I was initially really skeptical about it but because I am such a shallow person, I am a sucker for packaging. I love the Stem Cellular Repair’s packaging. Thank God, the temptation did not get the better of me and I did my home work for the next 2 weeks before I finally decided that I will like to purchase a set.

Anyway a little background, Juice Beauty is an innovative organic product founded by a mummy (Karen Behnke) when she became pregnant with her 1st child at 40 years old. She was astounded to learn that, although the skin absorbs over 60% of what is placed on it, there were very few available healthy personal care products that worked well. So that was how we have Juice Beauty today. What is different about this organic product is that it uses 100% certified organic juice base instead of the typical water base that cannot be certified “organic or pesticide free,” bringing its total organic content up to 98% in every product.

Now back to where I am, these are what I am using in my daily skincare routine (though not religiously at all times):

Picture No. 1 is the basic products where I use the:

  1. Cleansing Milk as a make-up remover. I love how it thoroughly cleansed and remove all traces of even water proof mascara and eyeliner without stinging in the eyes; and not making the face feel tight and dry. I also love the hint of refreshing raspberry smell.
  2. Cleansing Gel  as my daily face wash. It is perfect in many ways, not drying and leaves the skin clean.
  3. Green Apple Antioxidant Serum.  I was told that after washing, it is not to tone the face but to apply the serum. I love how the serum quickly absobs in to the skin, firming, brightening and smoothing fine lines with an organic fruit acid complex and age-defying peptides, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, fat-soluble Vitamin C and CoQ10. Although instruction was to pump out 4 drops of serum and warm it in the hands before applying it to the face, 1 – 2 drops is already sufficient for my entire face and neck
  4. Hydrating Mist.  This is their toner which is optional but I bought it to keep my skin hydrated and I have no regrets over it. I love the smell and how quickly it absorbs into my skin.
Picture No. 2 is the moisturizer and what made me tempted to buy.
  1. Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer.  After completing the steps in  Picture No. 1. This is what I slap on my face. Just 1 pump is enough for the entire face and neck and I love how I can feel my face greedily slurping up all the essence of this moisturizer and of course the refreshing gingerly green apple smell.
  2. Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment.  I love how it comes with the applicator so that you doesn’t need to use your finger but because, I am such a blur person, always sleeping late, I am not very sure if it has reduce my dark eye circles or the puffiness.
Picture No. 3  is the masks and by far my favourites on the list.
  1. Green Apple Peel (Full Strength). This is my absolute favourite. This is one product that I use religiously on every Sunday evening. I have to RAVE about it! 1 of the best exfoliating facial masks that goes skin deep even into the pores of the skin and clean them up. But it does sting a little bit making my face go red. However once after5 mins, the sting will go away and 10 mins later when I had it washed off, the redness on my skin faded away too.
  2. Green Apple Repair Mask. I use this this twice a week every Tuesday & Thursday evening and I have to say my skin tone and texture has improve quite a bit. All in all, I guess my skin tone has even out quite a fair bit already.

Picture No. 4. This is what made me tempted. The unique packaging of the Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer that comes in a air tight container (to prevent contamination) that dispenses just the right amount at the push of the pump. I also love how the Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment comes with the in built applicator that all you need to do is to push the pump to release some eye cream and dabbed it around the eye area without using the fingers. I am not sure if you get what I mean. If not I have attached a you tube video that demonstrates how to use it.

All in all, as skeptical as I was not being sure if Juice Beauty’s products are suitable for the Singapore’s climax. I guess I dare to say it is suitable without making the face oily and I have not had a breakout yet on my super ultra sensitive skin.

Price wise, I spent about less than S$500.00 which I think is much cheaper than a full set of Clarins whitening product (I use Clarins as an example because I had thought of switching to Clarins when I had finished using Tulip Doree but found Juice Beauty instead).

Now that I had shared mine, please feel free to share with me if you had tried other organic skin care products.


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3 thoughts on “Organic Beauty Product: Juice Beauty

  1. Hi. I am currently using Clarins and am looking for another option, as it doesn’t seem to work for my skin. Any suggestions on where I can buy Juice Beauty products in Singapore? Thanks!

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