Gatherings & Huntings

This week has been a truly busy week for me. There have been gatherings and catch-ups with ex-colleagues and my very own Best Friends Forever. There is also something that I have been hunting for the past few days. I will share once there is good news on it and successfully implemented.

As for now, just enjoy the photos and go green with envy that I am always so popular with people that they tend to miss me too much. šŸ™‚

Ex Colleagues

Photo Credits: Jenyce Lim

Well we have beenĀ colleagues for coming to 2 years and I mean the prettyĀ IndianĀ lady. We have had our differences but it hadĀ alwaysĀ beenĀ resolveĀ in no time. That is why till now we are still very much in contact. She is also very much adored by Clemens despite him unintentionally asking her a rather racist question.

Best Buds Forever

Most Beautiful Aunties In Singapore

Caption was given by one of the aunties in the photo butĀ definitelyĀ not me though. We have known each other since 13 or 14. I feel really grateful that from young girls (I am notĀ supposeĀ to pose anymore past photos before anyone of them decides to take revenge) till aunties, we are still the best of buds. From youngĀ mischievousĀ girls (we use to swap pants of the boys in our classes) to still mischievous aunties, I am looking forward for the day when we becomeĀ mischievousĀ grannies.

As for now, because one of them has already drop us the red bomb, I guess her hubby’s buddies has to be very very afraid because this was what the above aunties did to my hubby’s buddies on my wedding day.

Games for Hubby's Buddies on My Wedding Day

So Damien, if you happen to read this, IĀ guessĀ you can start asking your buddies to start counting down. šŸ™‚

Congrats to You !!


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