Eating-In, Eating Out

I have gotten all lazy in July because my hubby has been bringing us out very often. So often that no marketing was done and no proper meals were cooked over the weekends as well.

Anyway, he decided that it was enough of no-kitchen party for me because his pockets were hurting so very much that he whisked me off to the market yesterday. And this is what we got:

Box Full of Various Chicken Parts

*The picture was only taken after I had frozen the meat. It might seem to have nothing much in the box but I have actually squeezed in 10 chicken breast bones, 10 chicken boneless thighs and 4 thighs with the bones. I was given another bag of chicken thigh bones but apparently because the box is not huge enough, I had to cook it off in soup which I will share it with you guys another day.

Right now as  I am writing this entry, I know I am going to miss the every weekend of something like that:

Dinner at Grand Tampopo

Yet again, I understand that a meal of the above picture is actually how much I spend on a month of groceries comprising of chicken, pork and the occasional of beef. Even after including the fresh seafood and veggies that I buy whenever I need them, it does not even amount up to 2 meals of the above.

Hence now that I am back in the kitchen over the weekends, my dear hubby (if your are reading this), does it mean that I can expect to get another present from your savings? ;p


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