Bunny in The Green Garden

This is one of an old bento which I made during Easter this year. These days I have not been waking up early to make cooked food for my lunches. As lazy as I am, there are times, I crave for something homemade. These days, they are either sandwiches or salads.

Anyway, this is another hassle free bento which can be prepared the night before, wake up the next day and pop it into a lunch bag with an ice-pack on top before you walk out of that door to work.

And as you can see, I always love to use an egg in my salad because it is an excellent source of protein (More information of egg can be found from here). My favourite variation of meat is always shaved turkey breast or tuna because it is healthy and has minimal fat. As for the greens, it is again up to you. I used coral lettuce, Japanese cucumber, red capsicum,fetta cheese and low fat ceaser dressing.

One of the most important factor in making a salad for work lunch, I believe is to wash and drain dry the vegetables well. I love to packed my salad dressing in another container or bag so that I do not get a box of soggy salad by lunch time. Ice-pack is definitely one of a MUST-HAVES because it not only keeps all the greens fresh and crisp, it also helps to maintain the goodness of the meat and salad dressing.

I hope you enjoyed this entry and till then I wish I will have something new to share.


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