National Museum of Singapore

As in my entry of “The Weekends of August“, I managed to get my hubby to bring us all to the National Museum of Singapore on Sunday.

The boys were excited initially but after awhile boys being boys, they got bored. Still they were nice enough to visit the various permanent exhibitions with us.

Anyway when we arrived, there was quite a queue as we need to identify ourselves as Singapore’s citizen before we can enter for free.

Damir's Unglamness of Digging His Nose while Queuing

Boys Checking Out the Museum

To cut the story short, I myself thought it was rather interesting to see the various life that our parents and grandparents had gone through. Because Singapore is still relatively young (Only 46 year old) compared to the mega countries like America or China, our history and heritage is of course not as rich as theirs. Yet because we are still so young, it is amazing to see how much we have progress in this 46 years which is not an easy task.

Our National Museum has a few permanent exhibitions and these are the ones we have been to:

Living Gallery: Food-Eating on the Streets

It reflects  the ethnic diversity, cross cultural exchanges and cultural innovations of the country. This gallery presents the iconic dishes (eg. laksa, nasi lemak, kok kok mee, etc)that originated from the Singapore’s 1940s to 1980s street life.

My Mummy got so excited with the all so familiar utensils from the yesteryears when she was still a young lady

Can you identify what is use for what?

Living Gallery: Photography-Framing the Family

This gallery shows how photography is popularized from the late 19th century onwards.

Left: 1st Studio Camera; Right: RolleiFlex Camera

Aren’t you glad how portable our cameras are these days?

Living Gallery: Flim & Wayang-Scripting a New Life

This is one of mine favourite galleries and the boys too because they were airing some old ghost Malay Film productions from the mid-20th century on the screen and it is so totally hilarious that instead of finding it scary, the boys had their eyes glued to the screen.

The also have a rich collection of artefacts including puppets and costumes.


The Beautifully Elaborated Costumes

My very own favourites.

Living Gallery: Fashion-Shopping for Identity

This gallery helps us to explore the shifting identities of Singaporean women and gain insights into the social-economic and political roles of women – from youths to homemakers and career women.

Because my camera has run out of battery, there are no photos from this gallery. I especially love the display of hanging fabrics anf the video on cheongsum making.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves quite a lot and I hope the next visit will be to the Singapore Art Museum.


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