My Family of Khaki Shorts & ……

If you were to have read the entry on Singapore Flyer, Here We Come!, you will have realise that my hubby loves to put on the so- called family out fits. But he was unable to convince me into getting a Jersey.

Earlier on this year this was what hubby got for themselves:

Daddy-&-Boys First Fred Perry

And as promised, my hubby got me one as well yesterday.

Mummy's First Fred Perry

Now, we are a family of Fred Perry:

Our Family's First Fred Perry

I am never a fan or really keen on “family outfits” but for this I absolutely adore because:

  • It fits me very well.
  • It is ultra comfy.
  • Most importantly, I love the distinctive collars and the Laurel Wreath embroidery.

Putting on the slim fit cotton pique shirt with the Laurel Wreath embroidery is like a fashion statement. There is no escaping from it and it makes you feel sexy and confident. It seems as if it is screaming out, “Hey look here, I am wearing something really good. Look at those unique  collars of mine!”

My boys are completely hooked to it and they never fail to drag hubby and I  into the Fred Perry Store to browse through the kiddo’s rack. I know there is one colourful collar piece they are targeting at. Hubby and I most tempted to purchase it for them but we know they are kids and it is not very practical to get them too many pricey pieces of clothes.

My Family of Fred Perry

May we prevail that temptation and at the moment, I am most proud the wear our first Fred Perries out on to the street.

*1/2 Cup Empty: I know we are suppose to be prudent especially on kids’ clothes.

* 1/2 Cup Full: But the quality of the good do count and I know they can last for a few good years in time to come.


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