My 1st Time Registering My Boy for Primary 1 (Pt. 3: Final Balloting) aka My Luckiest Day in Life

The Souvenir We Brought Home

“Number 22!” The number was called at the 20th place and I went dumb-struck with wide-eyes before tears of joy started rolling down. I had never expected myself to be this lucky as I have never ever strike any form of lottery in my entire life.

Sitting in the meeting room alongside with anxious parents and even grandparents, my hands were cold, feet were wet and I had butterflies in my tummy. I dug my nails into the arms of my hubby and he gave my a palm a reassuring squeeze even though I knew he was as nervous as I am.

With only 25 vacancies and 63 applicants (all staying within 1km), it means that Clemens has only about 30% chance of getting in to Catholic High Primary School.

Making Sure Our Number is There Before It Is Put Into the Balloting Box

By the time, half of the seats were gone (with no signs of our number in sight), my spirit was already rather dampened. I was preparing for the worst and thoughts of enrolling him in another school was already in my mind.

But at this moment, our lucky number of 22 was called up (the last 5 vacancies, mind you) and this not only ensure that Clemens has gotten a place but it also means that Damir will be saved from all these hassles. It is a 2-way tickets for my kids for now and perhaps even for my next generation if I ever have grand sons (“,).

The Lucky Numbers. Care to Buy Toto?

The rain on the registration day has definitely once again brought me the luck I needed and of cox also thanks to the blessings of all the concerned people in our lives.

For now I am as happy as i can be that even when my dad asked me will I give up Clemens’ place in the school should anyone wants to exchange it for a Prada or Christian Dior, I gave a 100% resounding NO!! Not even for a million dollars! This is one of the best gift that God has given me. What else can I ask for?

Once again, thanks for everybody’s concerns and being anxious together with me. 🙂

P.S: The heavy downpour on Thursday (4 Aug 11) has tentatively brought me another really great piece of new but I am not going to share till everything has been confirmed.

* There is no 1/2 cup today. My cup is positively full today making it  my happiest day in my life be it my career path or the education path for my boys. Really Absolutely Triple Happiness !!


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