Mummies’ Day Out to Eden Spa @ Purvis

It has been quite some time since I spent some Me-Time alone with my WORLD’S BEST MUM. So when  I chance upon this deal at, SCREAMING:

Great Deal from

I knew I had to get it for the both of us, which I did.

Next, the booking was made and my hubby was kind enough to look after the boys while I go enjoy myself with mum. Thing were just like before, we took a bus down to Purvis street and chit-chatted all the way till we alighted and began hunting for the place. It was not difficult to find and really nice to know that the ambiance and atmosphere of the spa is so relaxing and soothing to the soul. A step in to the 2-storey shop house, a whiff of that aromatherapy seems to instantaneously lift away 50% of whatever tiredness you have brought along with you.

Eden Spa @ Purvis Uses ONLY Multi-Award Winning Clarins Products in all Treatments

The lady tending to us was really paitient in explaining the treatments that we were going to get and there was 3 types of Slimming & Contouring Treatments to choose from.

  1. Triplex BodySculpt
  2. Waist-Shaper + Hip & Thigh Lift Combi
  3. Swedish Destress Massage

Seriously speaking, in a single session, I am not sure of how much of the body we can sculpt or slim hence we chose the Swedish Destress Massage. Next we were made to choose our massage oil. After all the choosing including how firm or soft we want our massage to be, we were introduced to our therapist, who then led us to this really cozy room with huge arm chairs.

We are gonna do the Ginger Herbal Detox Footbath which claims to improve blood circulation, reduce aches and pains, and remove excess “wind” and “dampness” in our feet. Anyway whatever it was, it was sure hell of a lot of comfort to our tired feet. The smell of ginger, the nice warm water, I can almost nearly feel the immediate comfort sensation riding up to my calves. You can see my mummy enjoying herself too.

My Mummy happily soaking her feet away in those ginger herbal water.

After 20 minutes of soaking and pampering those feet, we were brought up to the individual rooms in preparation of the full body massage. Like the usual massage palour, we were given a few things to change into (the disposable G-strings, a shower cap and tower).

Preparaing for the Destress Massage

There was no wow factor in the room (it is really tiny). But once the therapist work her fingers on you, you will wish she (Dianh) is never going to stop. Her finger work is in fact a wow factor itself. I can boldly say it is one of the best massages I have had in my life or either I am not going for enough massages to make comparison. The comfort of her fingers working through my body soon brought me to snooze land. And her touch though not firm seems to be able to release every knots and tensions in me that I can only sigh with pleasure and comfort.  The 60 minutes is up to fast though I know she is really nice to give me a little extra time. It is Shiokness Over Load!

The Lymphatic Drainage Head & Face Detox Massage, if I were to describe is like a series of nimble, light and fast moving of the fingertips all over the face. It is something I have never felt before and it has brought me much comfort. I especially like the head massage too.

Anyway when it is all over, I felt really light all over but my bladder had seemed to accumulated much water from the massage that I felt as if I had peed most of the water out of my body.

Mum & I Cam-Whoring at the Ladies

All was finished with a cup of lemon grass tea and of course some sales talk. What impresses me most is there was no hard selling of the packages. The lady, Mary really respected our decision which does not put us in an awkward situation at all. For this, I really appreciate her.

Anyway soon Mum and I were out for a high tea and it felt so good that we were able to window shop till 10pm plus and had a really good deep sleep that night, waking up feeling  refreshed. That lasted us for a whole entire week.

At Raffles Hotel; Ah Teng's Bakery

*1/2 Cup Empty: I definitely do not understand how they calculate the 1-time session to be S$360 because on a personal note, I do not  feel it is worth that much.

* 1/2 Cup Full: The service we received is definitely worth more than S$48 so for this, I am happy that mummy is happy. 🙂


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