My 1st Time Registering My Boy for Primary 1 (Pt. 1)

There is a 1st time for everything and tomorrow is no exception. It seems only yesteryear that Clemens is just a baby, sleeping and drinking only milk most of the time (how easy it was then). Tomorrow, he is finally registering for primary school for the year 2012. My baby is no longer a baby but a BOY!

Clemens Then at 2 Months Old & Clemens Now at 6 Years Old

Actually 2 years ago, I was a kiasu parent (till date I am still kind of). I called up up the school of our choice to do Parents’ Volunteer (PV) work when he was 3 year old and was told to call back only when he turns 4, which I did. Well, hubby and I was subsequently called up to attend the PV briefing and we had kind of got a shock on the nature of the rather big scale projects we had to do. We were hesitating with the kind of “‘to-do or not-to-do” thoughts and finally decided against it. With no guarantees that Clemens will get into the school, time and budget constraints; I do not think I can take the set back very well should the result be a negative. Therefore we decided to leave the choice of school in the hands of God which also means that we fall under Phase 2C.

So for the past 2 years, the feeling of him not getting into the preferred choice school was no longer as strong as before till these recent months especially today. This also means that we have been regularly checking out the MOE website for the vacancies available by phrases.

It is easy to guess which is our preferred choice isn't it?

Our preferred choice is really popular around our neighbourhood – an all boys’ school but to me, the ULTIMATE winning point is, it is just a 5 minutes walk from my home to the school. 5 MINUTES!! One should understand how much travelling time and transport cost can saved. So we thought even if it is a 10% chance, we will like to bet our luck on it. And if Clemens gets in, it will mean that little brother Damir will be spared from the hassle of the similar fate.

As for now, it is to prepare the documents that are needed for the registration:

  • Birth Certificate ==> Checked (√)
  • NRIC of both parents ==> Checked (√)
  • Immunisation certificates ==> Checked (√)

End of the day on the 5th August 2011 when the results are announced, how will I feel?

I really cannot say for sure even though I already have a back up school in mind. I guess I will be greatly disappointed especially my hubby. However as a firm believer of fate and destiny, I believe everything happens for a reason.

Most of all, I wish for my boys to:

  • enjoy school,
  • learn to be gentlemen when they grow up, and
  • have the ability to be flexible and adapt wherever they are.

Whichever school that has been selected for Clemens or Damir (in 2 yrs time), I will like to believe that it is for the better.Hence I am crossing my fingers till 5th August 2011.

And I will like to wish all who is registering for Phase 2C, GOOD LUCK and those who have already gotten into the school of their choice CONGRATULATIONS! For those who have had a failed attempt, please do not despair.

*1/2 Cup Empty: I think if he does not get in, I might break down and cry.

*1/2 Cup Full: If he doesn’t get in, there must be a more suitable choice out there for him.

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