Singapore Flyer, Here We Come !

Singapore’s Pride: World’s Largest Observation Wheel

Since its official opening in 2008, yesterday was the first time that my family and I stepped foot into the giant observation capsule. This is all thanks to my hubby’s company as they have the corporate card.

Our boys were really excited as if it is some mega dream true with their constant repetitive questions, “Mummy are we really going to the Singapore Flyer?” I bet they must be too since we have been there a few times but never into the capsule on the sky-high flight.

Anyway we arrived at about 5.30pm when the sky is still bright thinking there might not be much to see when it turns dark. The whole experience is some what enjoyable but I am seriously not sure if I am willing to pay to go for the 40 minute 1 round ride.

However I really love the interactive gallery (Journey of Dreams) as much as our boys did. The show case about the dreams and the putting together of the flyer was amazing especially the Reservoir of Dreams where everything was summarized and captured through 3 objects.

Next was the true life experience of going for the sky high ride where our boys ran amok in the gigantic observation capsule with me busy snapping photos and them getting all excited and busy pointing out to buildings and cars on the highways which now looks like toy figurines. The view was truly magnificent especially at it’s peak height 165m above the ground.

Just Us 🙂

All My Boys in Father & Son(s) Look-a-Like Jersey

Scenery Taken from at 165m Above Ground

When the ride ended, I actually asked my hubby if he can book the card out again as I will like to have another experience of it but this time in the night. I bet those city lights twinkling behind the dark sky must be a wonderful sight to behold.

By then, dinner was definitely at the Singapore Food Trail with the sumptuous local delights. Fishball noodles with the fishballs like the size of a golf ball, oyster omelette (my hub’s absolute favourite) and the ice balls my mum has been reminiscing from her childhood days. They were all absolutely delicious with a good serving size for the amount they cost.

Yummilicious Dinner

The finale of the night was a short walk in the Rainforest Discovery.

My Boys Looking Forward to the Next Visit

Judging through the smiles on our boys’ faces, I know that they have absolutely extremely enjoyed this evening’s outing.
This trip is definitely a worth-while experience as it has brought the boys 1-step closer to home (Singapore) with the questions that they were asking. “Mum……. what is that building?”, “Dad…… what is that highway?”, “Mum, Dad! Is that where the National Day Parade going to take place?”

*1/2 Cup Empty: With the boys endless questions, it has put me to shame when I can’t answer some of them

*1/2 Cup Full: It is much happiness for us to be sharing the knowledge with our boys


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