The Wrong Side Turned Right

Last night, I went to bed on the wrong side feeling really bloated and uncomfortable. I boil it all down to carbohydrate overload during both lunch and dinner. It was a night of toss and turn before I finally drifted off at 3am.

When I woke up this morning, things weren’t as bright as the hot sun but the heat sure did something to make me feel really friking cranky. I started my nagging routine and things didn’t get better after I finish paying off the bills (since it is pay day). I did a bit of wallowing in self pity wondering why the financial routine is so extremely rigid very month.

But thank god to my ever patient hubby, he literally left me alone to feel better while he tended to our boys bringing them on their usual routines till we went out in the evening for dinner and SHOPPING !!

As mentioned yesterday, I am always hungering to buy something but I did not manage to hunger after a Prada. Instead I got myself my 2nd Louis Vuitton (Neverfull MM in Damier Azur Canvas) which has been on my mind for quite sometime already. It was only being reinforced the day I finally discarded my extremely worn out 6 year old Long Champ‘s tote bag.

My New Love

Though pricey for a tote bag, I am sure it is going to serve it’s purpose well since the Trevi PM in Damier Ebene Canvas that my hubby has gotten for me for our 4th wedding anniversary is still looking really good today at 4 year old.

Me Posing with my 1st LV from Hub
Shallow as I may sound, this is indeed retail therapy for me! 🙂

* 1/2 Cup Empty: Money is never enough to satisfying that growling hunger.
*1/2 Cup Full: I am thankful for the job I have to 
achieve satiety.


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